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A complete Guide for Blockout Curtains

Choosing the right curtains for your home makes all the difference in the comfort you will achieve. That is why you need to be careful to make the right choice when buying curtains.

While curtains mainly offer privacy in our homes, blockout curtains provide a bit of everything- from protection to blocking sunlight. This means you can sleep in without the sunlight shining through your room.

Excess sunlight sipping through when you want to have a silent day free from outside interference won’t cut it. For this reason, having blockout curtains is handy when you want to enjoy your time at home. Read on to find out what they are and their benefits.

What are Blockout Curtains?

It is easy to deduce the definition of blockout curtains from the name. In simple terms, they are curtains that completely block out sunlight, noise, heat, and cold from getting in the house. They are suitable for people who enjoy some alone quiet time and want no interference from the sun.

When the sunlight comes on too early in the day, it can interrupt your sleep– especially if you work till late at night. Therefore, block-out curtains will come in handy in this situation.

Today, blockout curtains are ideal for bedrooms. The bedroom is where you would like darkness to stimulate sleep. What’s more, if you want to have a theatre setting in your house, using block-out curtains is ideal.

How Blockout Curtains Work

Block-out curtains are not like regular curtains. Although they both perform similar functions, blockout curtains provide more protection. As mentioned, these curtains offer plenty of benefits in a home, with the primary one being blocking out outdoor sunlight.

The curtains have heavy fabrics in their construction to enable sunlight blocking. These materials have a tight weave that blocks out the tiniest outdoor interference, including dust, light, and noise.

However, you must follow the correct procedure when hanging them to ensure you achieve their benefits. In theory, blockout curtains darken the room completely. But if you leave small spaces when hanging them or don’t get the right size (usually smaller), the light will still sip through. So, for these curtains to work as intended, you need to get the size that will fit perfectly on your windows.

The color will also affect the performance of these curtains. However, it is worth noting that blockout curtains are mainly available in darker colors and neutral shades. In this case, the curtains eliminate up to 99% of sunlight from sipping through. Anything that blocks out less than 95% doesn’t fall in the block-out category but in curtains that filter out light.

Importance of Block Out Curtains

Blocking Sunlight

Working till late night or night shifts requires you to sleep in or catch some shut-eye during the day. Nevertheless, the daylight can cause interference when you want to have peaceful sleep. Therefore, blockout curtains are essential for making the room look dark even during the day for you to catch up on sleep. They are also ideal for providing a theatre setting when you want to enjoy a movie at home.

Reduce Noise

If you have noisy neighbors or the kids outside play loudly, these curtains can help reduce outdoor noise. You will then enjoy some quiet time in your home, which allows you to focus on your work or activities.

Thermal Insulation

During the cold months of winter, you tend to spend on the electricity bill to keep your house warm. However, with block-out curtains, you get to save more since they retain heat inside and prevent the cold air from penetrating in. The vice versa is true for the summer months. The curtains act as a protective barrier where the hot air remains outside, maintaining a breezy environment inside.