What Does The Department of Consumer Affairs Do?

The department of consumer affairs helps the citizens to stop unfair, deceptive, and fraudulent business practices by collecting complaints and conducting investigations.  Any company or a consumer that breaks the law will be held under the custody of the department of consumer affairs. The purpose of the department is to establish a fair marketplace for the consumers as well as all types of companies. Here are the roles of the department of consumer affairs.

Manage trade

To manage the process taking place in the trade market. All the imported and exported good needs to be verified by the department. Any companies involved in illegal trades are answerable to consumer court, and the consumer of such products do not hold any rights against the companies. There is a need for creating a balance in the trades so that the goods are sold to the consumers at a fair price and the companies can also enjoy fair profits in the trade.

Educated the Consumers

It is important for consumers to know about their rights before they make any purchases. Unless a consumer is aware of the instructions and terms of use of a product, it can turn hazardous for the consumers and well as the sellers. So the department of consumer affairs makes sure that the people are educated enough to exercise their rights so no one can take advantage of other’s innocence.

Consumer protection


The consumers are the source of generating profits for the organizations. Today the competition has become so severe that organizations take severe measures to dominate the market and forget to take care of their consumers. The companies take unethical means to gain profit in the market, and the consumer gets mistreated and lost in their competition. Consumer affairs department protects the rights of the consumers and gives them the freedom to exercise their right.

Create a healthy environment

The consumer affairs department should keep in mind that the preservation of the resources and environment is necessary. The department should provide the protective measures to check every product before allowing it to get distributed in the market. The need for sustainable development is more than ever, and with more products coming in the market that are harmful to the environment and health of the people, it is becoming difficult to control the use of resources available today.

Monitoring the prices and availability of essential commodities

The basic right of the people under a government provides them the right to enjoy certain services and commodities such as food, clothing, healthcare, shelter, sanitation, etc. These facilities should be available at reasonable prices which anyone can spend. Other products such as oil, fiber, grains, vegetables should be monitored and priced, balancing the inflation and deflation to keep the market running.